About us

We are the Bilingualism and Language Development (BiLD) Lab at The Pennsylvania State University. We study the neural and cognitive processes related to language learning and variation, and extend this work on language to research on creativity. We combine behavioral, neuropsychological (EEG), and linguistic techniques to study these processes across the lifespan, with a strong focus on bilinguals.

More specifically, we study the neural and cognitive mechanisms involved in code-switching and the comprehension of foreign accented speech in both younger and older adults. We also study patterns of cross-language interaction and transfer in both child and adult second language learners at different levels of proficiency.

In addition, we are interested in the comprehension and production of regional dialectal variation, particularly in the prosodic and syntactic domains. We also investigate the processes that support novel word learning in monolingual populations, including sleep consolidation and visualization.

A more recent interest has been the neurocognitive processes that underly ideation and creative thinking. This line of research is particularly focused on the relation between divergent thinking and creative problem-solving in STEM fields.