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Carly Danielson

cad5697 at

Carly is a junior pursuing a double major in Psychology and Linguistics, as well as a minor in Chinese. This is her first year in the BiLD lab, but she has spent two semesters in a Developmental Psychology lab. Although she only speaks English, she hopes to learn multiple more languages with time and practice. She is very fascinated with language development in children, as well as with bilingualism, and hopes to incorporate those areas into possible future research during graduate school. She is very excited to gain knowledge and experience through this lab experience!

Karen Ip

tki5020 at

Karen Ip is a sophomore majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and minoring in Human Development and Family Studies. This is her first year as a research assistant in the BiLD Lab. Karen is Born in Hong Kong and growing up speaking Cantonese. She also knows Mandarin and English. She is extremely interested in how bilingualism can change or affect behaviors, as well as code-switching. Karen is very excited to work in the lab and explore more about bilingualism research.

Katie Kelsch

kek5453 at

Katie is a junior pursuing a major in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Political Science. This is her first year as a research assistant in the BiLD lab. Katie is very interested in second language learning in children and how word learning differs between monolingual and bilingual individuals. She is also interested in the association between accented speech and biases. She is very excited to use her knowledge in the BiLD lab and gain valuable research experience!

Bryan Koflanovich

brk20 at

Bryan is a freshman from Long Island, New York, interested in pursuing a double major in Psychology (B.S.) and Economics. This is his first year in the BiLD Lab, as well as his first experience as a research assistant. He is extremely interested in the science aspect of Psychology (specifically Neuroscience), and is very excited to have first hand experience in seeing what Neuroscience is like outside of the classroom. He is interested in learning how Bilingualism and Language relate with brain functioning, and is ready to learn about research skills.

Asvi Nurul Hanifah

anh5443 at

Asvi is a junior in the College of Liberal Arts pursuing a degree in Psychology B.S. with a neuroscience option. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia and able to speak two languages, English and her native language, Indonesian. She can speak in three dialects of her native language. Because of that, Asvi is quite interested in how dialects are shaped by local culture. Asvi began working as a research assistant in BiLD lab in July of 2017. Aside from study about dialects, she is also interested in how bilingualism affected person’s thinking pattern.

Sarah Paterno

sup223 at

Sarah is a freshman majoring in the Psychology B.S. with the neuroscience option. This is her first year at the BiLD Lab. She can speak French and is currently learning Spanish. Sarah is interested in bilingualism and code-switching, specifically with earlier language development in children. She is excited to work in the lab and gain applicable research experience.

Julian Yee

jdy133 at

Julian is a sophomore majoring in Psychology. As a first-year research assistant at the BiLD lab, Julian has always been intrigued by the human mind and languages. He is interested in the differences between monolingual and bilingual brains. Although Julian was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, he grew up speaking Cantonese and English at home and eventually learned Spanish. He can't wait to learn more at the lab!

Jaclyn Yuro

jpy5083 at

Jaclyn is a junior in the Schreyer Honors College double majoring in Psychology and Italian with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies.  She loves working with children and is especially interested in language development and the bilingual mind. This is her first semester as a research assistant in the BiLD lab, although she has research experience in a developmental psychology lab as well. Jaclyn is so excited for the opportunity to work in this lab and to combine her passions for psychology and language!

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