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Bianca Gavin
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Angela Grant

amc497 AT

Angela is a sixth year cognitive psychology graduate student pursuing a dual degree in Cognitive Psychology and Language Science. She has a broad range of research interests, including the influence of language status (i.e. first vs. second language) and pragmatics on lexical access. She is also interested in the way various disciplines (neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics) approach these problems and has experience using behavioral, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and event-related potential (ERP) methodologies.

Alex McAllister

afm159 AT

Alex is a third year graduate student pursuing a dual-title degree in Language Science and Hispanic Linguistics. His research interests include laboratory phonology, speech perception, and language variation and change.

Patricia Schempp
pls191 AT
Jonathan Steuk

jws AT

Delaney Wilson

drw5218 AT

Delaney is a lab manager for the Center for Language Science and assists in the BiLD lab with various projects. She obtained a degree in Linguistics and a minor in Arabic from Penn State in December 2015. She has a special interest in bilingualism, language acquisition, and code-switching. Delaney received the PIRE fellowship for the summer of 2015 and conducted research on code-switching at the University of Granada in Spain. She plans on continuing on to graduate school in the future.

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