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Bianca Gavin
beg161 AT
Alex McAllister

afm159 AT

Alex is a fourth year graduate student pursuing a dual-title degree in Language Science and Hispanic Linguistics. His research interests include laboratory phonology, speech perception, and language variation and change.

Jonathan Steuk

jws AT

Isabel Deibel

iqd5052 AT

Isabel is a PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics and Language Science. While her research interests revolve around anything related to language contact, she dedicates most of her time to the study of code-switching and pidgin and creole languages. For more information on her current research projects, please visit

Adrianna Shevlin

ams7226 AT

Adrianna is a lab manager for the Center for Language Science and assists in the BiLD lab with various projects. She obtained a degree in Linguistics with a focus in first language acquisition from Penn State. This is her second year in the BiLD lab. Her biggest interest in the field of linguistics is L1A, though she is also interested in bilingualism and how being bilingual can affect other mental processes. She is hoping to learn as much as possible about ERPs and other types of research in order to take that knowledge and use it in her own research sometime in the future. She is very excited for the opportunity to work in the lab!

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