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In the Media

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December 2011:
  • Janet van Hell, Judy Kroll, Giuli Dussias and two graduate students of the Center for Language Science were interviewed for a brief newspot/video on bilingualism.
May 2011 & November 2011:
November 2010
  • Interview: Janet van Hell in Loopbaanvisie on the publication of the advisory report Optimizing Talent: Recommendations for motivating and stimulating career policy, prepared by a committee Janet van Hell chaired for the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.
June 2010:
  • TVGelderland, Dutch local television, program Hallo Gelderland. Live debate with representative stichting Taalverdediging (Language defense foundation) on teaching English as L2 in Kindergarten and elementary school. June 18, 2010.
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